Automated Parking Brakes
Automated Parking Brakes


Advantages and benefits
  • Simple actuation through button
  • Elimination of lever gives more freedom to customers to design vehicle interior
  • Lower overall parking brake system weight
Technical Overview
  • Apply/release of parking brake by simple button activation
  • APB can be used in combination with brakes featuring various caliper guiding systems
  • Parking Brake Software integrated ECU into ESC
  • Additional driver assistance functions:
    • Automated Vehicle Hold
    • Automated Vehicle Release
    • Controlled Deceleration for Parking Brake
Set up
  • Piston diameter: Φ35–44mm
  • Performance: 18.5 kN (Nom) clamp force
  • Endurance: 200,000 load cycles
  • System Requirement: ESC with PBC integration (fully VDA compliant)
Material Cast Iron/ Aluminum
Automated Parking Brakes


Advantages and benefits
  • Highest output parking force allowing downsizing
  • Unique 6,5” drum brake compatible with bigger bearing
  • Lower total cost ownership TCO (than Disc-based system)
APB with drum brake Our APB-Di is an innovative & patented technology that allows automatic parking for drum brake
Technical Overview
  • Motor on Drum

    • Motor Gear Unit: DC Motor + multi-stage gearset
    • Performance for equivalent friction m 0,27

    7” -> 720 N.m ;   8” ->790 N.m;   9” ->1020 N.m

  • System Requirement:

    • ESC with PBC integration (VDA 305-100 Model)
Set up
  • Drum Basis: 6.5” - 9”
  • System Requirement: ESC with PBC integration (VDA 305-100 Model)
Material Cast Iron/ Aluminum