Chassis Brakes Campinas celebrates their “1º Feast of St. John”

On June 16th, more than 700 celebrate together the "1º Feast of St. John" held by Chassis Brakes Campinas.

On June 16, the Campinas plant held a very traditional Brazilian culture event, the “Feast of St. John”. The popular event that takes place on June 24th every year, celebrates the birth of John the Baptist.

For the first edition of the Feast of St. John of Chassis Brakes International Campinas, the HR and Communication team included traditional dishes, sweets, costumes, music, decorations and the famous Brazilian bingo, which was attended by HR manager Sueli Rodrigues – the host of the event.

The event was a success, in which more than 700 people participated, including all employees and their families. During the event, there were several play rooms where the children of the employees competed for gifts (sweets, mini toy balls, etc.).

For adults, a bingo was organized, during which more than 500 people competed for prizes that were two microwaves and an LED TV.

In order for the event to go well and in the most organized way possible, more than 40 volunteers (mostly interns) signed up to support the organization and to facilitate communication during the event. They were all identified with a straw hat and a personalized badge.

All employees and their families had a great time of celebration and confraternization with all their friends and family.


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