The car industry will change forever and we are prepared for it

The world is changing… Growing concerns on climate change and a further increasing of global population combined with its further concentration in mega cities are leading to a new mobility model.

Connectivity, electrification and autonomous driving are the major trends in the automotive industry, while the focus on “safer, cleaner, smaller” continues.

Thanks to our solid experience and our strong engineering expertise, we are designing and developing innovative braking solutions that will meet today’s and tomorrow’s expectations of the automotive industry.

We are developing automated parking brakes, in compliance with systems such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). We are constantly working on braking systems that improve the driving experience by reducing brakes noise and vibration and extending brakes controllability.

We keep on improving our braking systems to reduce environnemental impacts.
Our AST™ (Active Shape Technology) is an innovation generating less CO2 and fine dust. Thanks to the unique combination of a specific material and a patented shape, it eliminates nearly completely the residual drag while having no impact on the pedal feel over the whole lifetime of the brake pad.
The development of the electro-mechanical brakes, by eliminating the use of hydraulic brakes fluids, will support the environmental preservation.

By combining systems, we are able to downsize components in order to provide vehicles with smaller, lighter and less expensive brakes than the standard solutions, for the same performance.