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Chassis Brakes International Portugal has two locations situated in Abrantes and Lisbon. Chassis Brakes International Portugal has a production plant in Abrantes that has been producing drum brakes for 35 years. The company also has a Business Service Center in Lisbon that gives support to the whole Europe region.
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Since 1982, Chassis Brakes International Portugal has been producing drum brakes and sub assembly in the Abrantes plant. This manufacturing facility is committed to fulfilling customer satisfaction through the robustness of our product and process, and also to delivering the right product at the right time to our customers. The company constantly broadens its knowledge and expertise to contribute to competitiveness and growth in the drum brakes business.

Via Industrial 2 Zona Industrial de Alferrarede 2200-293 Abrantes

Chassis Brakes International Group opened a Business Service center in Lisbon in June 2014. This Business Service was initially created to support the group European entities with Finance and Accounting activities. Based on its success, the Business Service started recently to support the group also with Procurement and Sales Administrative activities for its entities in Europe and also Americas.

Avenida 5 de Outubro nº 146, 2º Andar 1050-061 Lisboa Portugal

Marina Amorim
Responsible for Supply Chain, Abrantes
Regarding my section, Logistics, the environment is really good, some of us have been working together for more than 30 years. It's almost a family, where we know each other quite well, and it's a deep friendship.