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Chassis Brakes International France has two locations: Paris and Angers. The main center of Research and Development is located near Paris. In Angers, its manufacturing facility is specialized in disc brakes assembly in Angers.
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Chassis Brakes International France has had its manufacturing facility in Angers for 40 years. The Angers plant was initially dedicated to the production of drum brakes but since the 2000's, the plant is mainly specialized in disc brakes assembly. This plant carries out brakes assembly and machining. The facility also produces disc brakes mainly for passenger cars, including APB-Mi.

Foundation Brakes France
P.A. Angers-St Barthélemy
BP 70039 49180 St Barthélemy d'Anjou Cedex

Located at a few steps from Paris, this location is the main center for Research and Advanced Engineering for Chassis Brakes International.

Foundation Brakes France
126 Rue de Stalingrad, 93700 Drancy

Sandra B.
Manufacturing Supervisor, Angers
Chassis Brakes International is a customer orientated company as well as associate orientated. It is an organized and structured company.