Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility: 3 words that are key to the future of society and of our Group

A positive trend all over the planet

The United Nations define Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as “a management concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and interactions with their stakeholders. CSR is the way a company balances its economic, environmental and social imperatives, while at the same time addressing the expectations of its stakeholders”.
Chassis Brakes International places the bar even higher. The Group’s goal is to operate in a manner that not only passively follows the law, but proactively benefits society. In short, we can do better than the rules.


Full speed ahead to meet the CSR challenge

From an industrial standpoint, Chassis Brakes International aims to make vehicles more environmentally friendly by continuously working on new braking concepts which reduce emissions thanks to lighter and recyclable material.
Chassis Brakes International is also strongly involved in specific CSR actions focused on social and environmental topics. With this approach, actions vary from one location to another in order to focus more closely on the “real” needs and take into account local constraints and cultural aspects. CSR is not just inside the company!
So far, we have implemented 50 projects per year within 3 main categories: wealth sharing and donations, student and young employee onboarding, and preservation of the environment. Education and training are actively promoted, and many other projects, related to compliance, health, safety, employee well-being, and various other topics, have been launched. Some actions are one-shot, but many projects have a long-term view.

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