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Since 1927, the company has brought its long standing expertise in light weight braking technology, which provides environmentally sound braking solutions to our customers around the world.
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Chassis Brakes International Australia Pty Ltd. serves as the regional centre for competence for foundation brake development. The plant manufactures brake calipers, and some actuation products (booster/master cylinder) for the local OEM.

246 East Boundary Road East Bentleigh Victoria 3165 Australia

Lonsdale is a single process plant focused on high quality, high volume rotor machining, using fully automated processes on three independent machining lines. Front and rear rotors for the local OEM are all produced at this facility. Established in 2005, the facility quickly developed into a mature manufacturing location with world class safety, quality and delivery standards.

1 Sherriffs Road Lonsdale
South Australia 5160