Chassis Brakes International
provides foundation brake components, systems and services for Passenger Cars and Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV), from low cost vehicles to the premium segment. Our competitive and high-quality range of products offers solutions for all market requirements.
We, at Chassis Brakes International are continuously searching for new solutions offering greater comfort and performance accompanied by optimized packaging and reduced weight.
One of the most important areas of research and development in braking technology is understanding how to avoid vibrations and unwanted noise. To ensure that our customers anywhere in the world receive a perfect , low noise and low vibration braking system, our NVH experts (noise, vibration, harshness) work in our competence centers using the latest testing and simulation technology. 
In our efforts to make vehicle more environmentally friendly, we work endlessly on new braking concepts for all of our existing and future brake systems.  Emissions are already being reduced by brakes, largely on account of their weight using new lighter and recyclable material.